- Soundcard input (microphone, line-in)
- For Linux users: Python + PyQt4 + PyMedia (required to run from source code)
- For Windows users: download and install



- Make sure your preferred soundcard record input is selected (use the OS mixer)
- Adjust the threshold slider on the right until every hit is counted properly
- Press reset and start rockin'!

By default, Drum Count will count your hits for 60 seconds, but the value can be changed as wanted. Also, you can switch in the "strokes mode" and count a fixed number of hits.
The MP3 of each "performance" could also be recorded (and stored in the installation directory).
The auto-reset button is useful if you're away from the PC (i.e., behind the drumset).
"Max hits/sec" avoids false hits to be counted: keep it below 20, unless you're Mike Mangini!